Allows operation of after-market car A/V equipment* from the switches on the steering wheel.
Easy installation using connectors: no cumbersome connecting work on individual leads.
Programmable, to set up original control functions.
Behind the wall installation with only a small transmitter unit on the dashboard, resulting in no disturbance to the interior design.

Compatible car make and models
Model Model Year Compatibility
MPV Apr.2002 - Feb.2006 Car steering wheel audio remote control switches with 24p connector.
TRIBUTE Dec.2003 - Oct.2005
MAZDA 3 Sedan Oct.2003 - up
MAZDA 3 Sports Oct.2003 - up
RX-8 May.2003 - up
MAZDA 6 Sedan May.2002 - up
MAZDA 6 Sports May.2002 - up
MAZDA 6 Sports Wagon June.2002 - up
* ar AV equipment must come equipped with an Infra-Red sensor and related IR remote control. This set is incompatible with SONY, JVC, and Mitsubishi car AV equipment. Jog dial remote controllers are not supported.
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