A CAN-Bus simplifies the connections of the ACC and Illumination power supplies, and the speed pulse, reverse and parking brake signals.
It centrally connects at the back of the audio equipment, eliminating cumbersome wiring procedures from the engine room, junction boxes or from behind the instrument panel.

GEE-AU101 Installation example
  • 1.Panel
  • 2.Brackets
  • 3.Special car radio detachment tools
  • 4.Antenna power supply adaptor
  • 5.CAN-Bus interface
  • 6.Translator
  • Etc.
Designed Installation Size == 1 DIN
Model Model Year
Audi A4 July.2006 - Oct.2007
Cannot be installed on cars with the Factory option MMS (multimedia station) and cars with HDD navigation (cars with Double-DIN size navigation).
The use of the hazard and ESP switches will be hindered by an open monitor as will the cup holder/tray.
This set is compatible on cars with 10speakers and a rear sub-woofer (rear active).
6-Disc CD auto changer becomes inoperable.
Radio information is not displayed.
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