This is a set enabling installation of the Double-DIN size or the 1DIN+1DIN size for Audi A3 with MMS (Multi Media Station) DVD navigation system.

GEE-AU201 Installation example
  • 1.Panel
  • 2.Brackets (L) (R)
  • 3.Special car radio detachment tools
  • 4.Power supply/front speakers connector (16P)
  • 5.ACC power supply cord (Red)
  • 6.Illumination power supply cord (Orange/White)
  • 7.Translator
  • 8.Antenna conversion adaptor
  • 9.Antenna power supply/remote amp power supply conversion cord
  • Etc.
Designed Installation Size
Double DIN or 1 DIN + 1 DIN
Model Type Model Year
Audi A3 with MMS (Multi Media Station) DVD navigation Sep.2003 - Jul.2006
Cannot be installed on cars with the Factory 1DIN size audio system.
If 1DIN is desired, installation set GE-AU104G is necessary.
When installing a car navigation set, use GEE-AU202 which includes a CAN-Bus interface.
Car models with MMS (Multi Media Station) DVD navigation system work, but the Factory CD changer (installed in the glove box) becomes inoperable.
Audio system, navigation system, TV display become disabled on the Driver’s Information System (DIS).
In the case of Multi function steering wheel, its function becomes disabled.
Car models with the BOSE sound system works.
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