This set allows car A/V equipment in the lower console in addition to the Factory AM/FM CD Player or Factory car navigation system. Voice recognition is enabled through the speaker selector included in this set.

TBXE-H001 Installation example
  • 1.Panel
  • 2.Bracket(L)(R) 1each
  • 3.Speaker selector and connector
  • 4.Antenna divider
  • Etc.
Designed Installation Size
Double DIN or 1 DIN + 1 DIN
Model No. of Speakers Model Year
Accord Sedan 4 Nov.2002 - Dec. 2008
Accord Wagon 4 Nov.2002 - Dec. 2008
This set is designed to install an additional car AV equipment in the lower console in addition to the Factory system. Both systems will operate.
This set is not compatible for car models with the Factory premium sound system.
This set is compatible with the Factory AM/FM Radio CD Player.
This set allows 1 additional 1 DIN size car AV equipment on models with the Factory car navigation system with the voice recognition.
When the in-dash monitor is opening, or when inserting or removing a disk, the transmission lever in “P” (Parking) position may interfere. In these cases, be sure to secure the parking brake and shift the transmission to “N” (Neutral) position before operating the monitor or CD-DVD. An open ashtray lid may interfere with the car AV control.
Car AV equipment is installed on a 30 degree angle and may not be suitable for some car AV equipment. Please check and confirm with the manufacturer before installation.

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