Removal of the Factory car A/V disconnects the air conditioning control. The air conditioning control box included in this set restores control of the air conditioning.
Installation of these sets involve cutting plastic parts and handling of electronic parts. The work must be performed by a person with professional knowledge and skills. Any damage to the parts during the installation or damage to electronic parts due to miswiring are not covered under the limited warranty.

TBXE-T003 Installation example
  • 1.Panel
  • 2.Panel(L)(R)
  • 3.Bracket(1set)
  • 4.24P connector
  • 5.Air conditioning control box
  • Etc.
Designed Installation Size
Double DIN or 1 DIN + 1 DIN
Model No. of Speakers Model Year
RX-8 4
Apr.2003 - Feb.2008

* Car models with the BOSE sound system use a separate amplifier. Optional sound system translator for MAZDA Models TBXE-X001 is required for proper operation.
On equipped vehicles, installation of optional parts FPCE-T001 enables the operation of the audio remote control switch on the steering wheel.
By using an optional UAE-Y201DV, an on-dash monitor can be mounted without disturbing the front view.
[Difference from the Factory equipment]
This model is compatible with the Factory DVD car navigation system but the TV function is disabled. (TV function on the aftermarket car navigation system should operate.) Some functions such as the car navigation system operation sounds may be disabled.
The clock and audio information in the information-center-display become disabled.
Switching of the air conditioning control button becomes slow and soundless.
When turning on the ignition, the information-center-display or the LED indicator on the heater control unit may flicker or be delayed.
Automatic sound Level Control (ALC) becomes disabled.
Dimming functions for the information-center-display or the heater control unit (LED) display that works when either head lights or parking lights are on are disabled.
The heater control unit and the hazard lamp switch illuminate whenever ACC is on.
[Notes for installation]
If the antenna lead from the vehicle side is too short, please obtain an antenna extension cord available in the market.
For installation, the factory heater control unit, hazard lamp switch, etc. need to be detached and reassembled on the panel included in this set. It is necessary to cut off two holding flaps at the top of the heater control unit. (It is possible to re-install the factory equipment after the procedure.)
Car A/V equipment with a front panel size over 172 mm width and 100 mm height cannot be installed.
Car A/V equipment up to 172 mm in length may be installed. However, some equipment may be incompatible due to the position of wire connecting units located in the interior, to the irregularity of the shape of the connector units or to the space limitation for the connecting wires.
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