The control box included in this set allows control of the air conditioning and the information-center-display in aftermarket A/V equipment.
Installation of this set involves handling of electronic parts. This manual assumes that installation work is performed by a specialist with skills and knowledge. Any damage to the parts during the installation or damage to electronic parts due to miswiring are not covered under the limited warranty.

TBXE-T004 Installation example
  • 1.Panel(Silver)
  • 2.Panel(L)(R)
  • 3.Bracket(1set)
  • 4.Connector(24P)
  • 5.Control Box
  • 6.Hazard switch / Air conditioning switch circuit board assembly
  • Etc.
Designed Installation Size
Double DIN or 1 DIN + 1 DIN
Model No. of Speakers Model Year
MAZDA 6 Sedan / 5-door 4
May.2002 - Jun.2005
MAZDA 6 Sport Wagon 4
Jun.2002 - Jun.2005

This model is compatible with the Factory DVD car navigation system but the TV function is disabled. (The TV functions on aftermarket car navigation system would operate properly.) Some functions such as the car navigation system sounds may be disabled.
The clock and audio display function on the information-center-display become inoperative.
Sound of air conditioning control is disabled.
When turning the ignition, the information-center-display may flicker or be delayed.
The AMB (ambient temperature indicator) switch becomes disabled and continuously displayed on the left of the information-center-display.
Dimming function, that works when either head lights or parking lights are on, is disabled.
The air circulation switch and rear defroster turn on. But have nothing to do with the state of the light switch. Illumination is lower than before.
Since the factory hazard lamp switch may not be relocated, the hazard lamp switch provided in this set is used.
For installation, the Factory Heater Control Unit, the air duct, the Factory switch panel and the cover need to be detached and reassembled on a special Panel included in this set.
Car models with the BOSE sound system use a separate amplifier. Optional MAZDA sound system translator TBXE-X001 is required for proper operation.
On equipped vehicles, installation of optional parts FPCE-T001 enables the operation of the audio remote control switch on the steering wheel.
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