For car models with Super-live Sound Systems (7 or 9 speakers), panel and wiring included in this set are usable without changing the amplifier and/or speakers.
Fader, volume control and mute can be operated on the steering wheel with the Factory remote A/V switch.

TBXE-Y018 Installation example
  • 1.Panel
  • 2.Bracket
  • 3.Super-live Sound System(SLS)translator connector(20/6/8P)
  • 4.Control box
  • 5.Blank Switch holder
  • 6.1DIN-size pocket
  • 7.Antenna power supply cord
  • Etc.
Designed Installation Size
Double DIN or 1 DIN + 1 DIN
Model No. of Speakers Model Year
LS430(ucf 30 I) 7
Aug.2000 - Aug.2003

Cannot be installed on cars with an Electro Multi Vision system (EMV) /Mark Levinson premium sound system.
The Factory CD changer becomes inoperable.
The FM diversity antenna becomes disabled on car models with a Factory FM diversity antenna.
The rear audio air conditioning controller becomes disabled on so equipped car models.
It is necessary to transfer the lower Factory switch.
Eyeglass compartment panels cannot be replaced.
AV-DSP function and fader will not function, because the amplifier has a 2ch input.
Factory amplifier, fader, volume control and mute will be enabled by using this set.
Movable front AV display may contact or interfere with the shift lever.
Factory hands free function becomes disabled.

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