• 1.Panel
  • 2.Bracket (L)(R)
  • 3.Rear bracket
  • 4.Rubber bushing
  • 5.Sticker tape
  • 6.Power supply/front speakers connector (12P)
  • 7.Rear speakers connector (8P)
  • 8.Antenna power supply conversion cord
  • 9.Ground connector (1P)
  • Etc.
Model Model Year Type Notes
MPV Oct.2001 - Apr.2002 Non-standard size AV installed models 1, 2, 3
Nov.1999 - Oct.2001 All Models 1
Note 1. This set is not compatible with cars with the manufactures optional AV navigation system.
Note 2. This set is not compatible with cars with Mazda Telematics Car Navigation System or cars with a rear entertainment system.
Note 3. Remote audio control switches on the steering wheel become disabled.
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