1981 Kanack Planning Co., Ltd. established as a company to develop car audio installation sets. Kanack Planning Co., Ltd. separated from KINDS Co., Ltd.
1983 A computer for sales management was introduced.
1984 Consignment of installation sets marketed to PIONEER Corporation.
1985 Development and sale of Roof Cabin CR-86U.(Roof Box)
1987 Development and sale of audio installation sets for small cars.
1991 Development and sale of Roof Cabin CR-235.(Roof Box)
Monitor installation sets developed as the spread of navigation devices commences.
1992 Initiate contact with Victor Company of Japan, Limited.
1993 Acquisition of utility model patent for monitor installation set 'KW-26V'.
1994 Sales of monitor installation sets to Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (Subaru)
Sale of a car audio system installation set for Mazda BONGO to Sony Corporation.
Computer upgraded to Apple Macintosh.
Matsushita-tuushin-kougyou (now Panasonic Mobile Communications Co., Ltd.) requests research of car audio for all models of cars.
1995 Mizumoto development center completed in Katsushika.
1996 Sales of car audio system installation sets to Autobacs Seven CO., Ltd.(one of Japans largest car specialty stores) in cooperation with Nitto Kogyou Co.,Ltd
Alpine Electronics, Inc. requests research of car audio for all models of cars.
Sales of car audio system installation sets to Kenwood Corporation.
1997 Sales of car audio installation sets to Kyuushuu-Matsusita-denki (present Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd.).
1998 Sales of car audio system installation sets to Honda Access Corporation.
1999 Sales of car audio installation sets to Alpine Engineering Co., Ltd. (present Alpine
Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.)
2000 Supply of a parking sensor to Sorectron Japan Co., Ltd.
Creation of Kanatech brand name.
Development of SLS-translator for Toyota cars with 'Super-Live' Sound Systems.
Start independant sales of Car AV Installation Sets.
Sales promotion section founded.
This section develops demonstration boards to publicize car AV at stores and develops sales promotion tools.
2001 Sales of car AV accessories: 1DIN-size pocket (ACC series).
2002 Car AV Installation Sets for import cars (GEE series).
2003 Sales of deluxe car audio parts: EFX series.
Kanack Planning Co., Ltd. (Mizumoto development center) and Kinds Co., Ltd. acquire ISO9001 in our Hosoda factory.
Kanack Planning Co., Ltd. and the whole KINDS groups acquire ISO14001.
Toyota 'Super-live' Sound System (TBXE series) introduced.
Sales of Monitor fitting sets: (UAE series).
Kanack Planning Co., Ltd. changed brand name from Kanatech to Kanatechs.
Kananet brand of audio system parts created.
2004 Sales of import car AV installation sets including a CAN-Bus.
Car-AV-Steering-Wheel-Control Interface (FPCE series) introduced.
2004 Domain name "KANATECHS.JP" acquired.
Release of a "CAN-Bus interface" corresponding to the CAN-Bus found in European cars.
2005 Mazda Car AV Installation sets introduced.
2006 Exhibited at Automechanika Frankfurt (in Germany).
2007 "Factory audio system adapter (AX series )" released.
"Revival car AV installation kit (RUA series)" reintroduced.
kanatechs Web site redesigned.
Creation of our animated mascots.
Began exclusive Japanese distribution of Ndevr brand USB memory devices.
Premium incentive show (Tokyo) exhibition.
2008 Exhibited at Automechanika Frankfurt (in Germany).
"Kanack Web Service", web site creation service started.
Kanack Planning web site redesign started.
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