The GE-BM201 flat cable included in our kit is incompatible with current 2009 models.

This set is an add on with “GE-BM111G”, and enables installation of Double-DIN size or 1DIN+1DIN size. This set cannot be used on its own.

GEE-BM201 Installation example
  • 1.Side panel
  • 2.Bracket
  • 3.Optical extension cable (This part is particularly delicate.)
  • 4.Flat cable (This part is easily broken)
  • 5.Brackets (L)(R)
  • 6.Masking tape
  • Etc.
Designed Installation Size == 2 DIN
Model Model Year
BMW MINI(R56) 2007 - 2008
* Our products are designed for the Japanese market. Foreign versions might be incompatible.
* Installation set 「GE-BM111G 」 is necessary, (sold separately).
* If model year is 2009, use 「GEE-BM203 」.
This set is compatible with the MINI CLUBMAN.
Car models with the Factory optional Harman/Kardon HI-FI system, MINI HI-FI round speakers system, or that have a navigation system have not been examined.
When installing in a car with PDC(Park Distance Control system), optional set 「GEE-X002」 is necessary (sold separately ).
Factory audio becomes inoperable, but is retained. The volume control, ON/OFF dial, and CD loading slot cease to function and are hidden by a cover.
Display indicators: power supply, ON,AUX., cease to function. The Factory optional steering switch ceases audio function.
Chimes are retained though use of the Factory radio’s Right front speaker output connected to a center speaker provided in this set.
There is a standby electric current when the ignition key is turned off. The standby electric current of the car A/V can be upgraded to 100mA.
(The standby electric current of a general car A/V is around 10mA.)
Cannot use the storing box of passenger’s seat dashboard. (The Factory optional automatic CD changer is removed.)
Car models with the Factory optional "alarm system (security) " have not been examined.
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