This is the set which can install Double-DIN size car AV to a BMW MINI 2009 year model or later.

This set is used together with"GE-BM111G", and it is a set enabling installation of the Double-DIN size or the 1DIN+1DIN size.
Cannot use only this set.

GEE-BM203 Installation example
  • 1.Side panel
  • 2.Bracket
  • 3.Optical extension cable (This part is particularly delicate.)
  • 4.Flat cable (This part is easily broken)
  • 5.Side Bracket
  • 6.Cushion
  • Etc.
Designed Installation Size == 2 DIN
Model Model Year
BMW MINI Sep.2008 - Oct. 2010  (2-door)
Sep.2008 - Oct. 2010  (Clubman)
Apr.2009 - Oct. 2010  (Convertible)
* Our products are designed for the Japanese market. Foreign versions might be incompatible.
* Installation set 「GE-BM111G 」 is required.
* If model year is 2007 – 2008, use「GEE-BM201」.
This set is compatible with MINI CLUB MAN, too.
MINI One with a manual air-conditioner (before Mar. 2009) and MINI John Cooper Works have not been tested. A car model with Factory navigation system and with security and alarm system have not been tested.
Factory option AUX input becomes inoperable.
Car model with the Factory Harman/Kardon Hi-Fi system, MINI Hi-Fi round speakers system, car navigation system have not been tested.
When installing to car model with PDC(Park Distance Control system), optional parts 「GEE-X002」 sold separately is required.
Factory audio becomes inoperable. (As for the indication of the display, power supply : ON, an audio system source : AUX.) The Factory steering wheel audio control switch becomes inoperable.
The front R side beep sound comes out from speaker unit attached to the set.
The standby electric current (This is a standby electric current in the states that turned off ignition key.) of the car AV can be installation is to 100mA.(The standby electric current of the general car AV is around 10mA.)
Cannot use the accessory box at passenger seat side. (The Factory automatic CD changer) has to be removed.
In the case of the car with the push opening-type pocket on seat next to the driver glove box, a vehicle side Factory grommet may not be attached. When attach a panel of the seat next to the driver, in that case, it has to purchase a Factory grommet because it is necessary.
A flat cable is fragile item. Please handle with care.
An optical extension cable is a particularly delicate to bend. Please handle with care.

Distinction of the 2009 model.

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