TBXE-T005 Installation example
  • 1.Panel
  • 2.Panel L/R
  • 3.Bracket (1set)
  • 4.24P connector
  • 5.Displey control box
  • 6.Speed pulse signal cord
  • Etc.
Designed Installation Size
Double DIN or 1 DIN + 1 DIN
Model No. of Speakers Model Year
MAZDA3 4-Door
MAZDA3 5-Door
Nov.2005 - June 2009

[Notes for installation]
"TBX-T005R" includes a silver panel (fluorescent under black light).
"TBX-T005K" includes a piano black panel.
This model is compatible with the Factory DVD car navigation system although the TV function is disabled.However, the TV function on the aftermarket car navigation system can operate.
The information-center-display including the clock and audio become disabled.
Automatic Level Control (ALC) becomes disabled.
For models without the Factory navigation system, there is no speed pulse signal from the vehicle side. For installation of a car navigation system, it is necessary to connect the speed pulse signal cord included in this set.
This set is compatible with model (Oct.2004-Nov.2005) with manial air conditioning controls. However, the information-center-display function become disabled.
Car models with the BOSE sound system use a separate amplifier. Optional sound system translator for MAZDA Models TBXE-X001 is required for proper operation.
As cars with remote audio control switches on the steering wheel are disabled, installation of optional parts FPCE-T001 enables the operation of an audio remote control switch on the steering wheel.
Beep sound for air conditioning control is disdisabled.
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